Aspen Valley Cbd Flower Space Candy has been described as “exotic” and “sophisticated”.

The candy has been popular in China for its “glamorous” packaging and “fantastic” colour scheme.

But it is popular in Australia, where it is marketed under the brand name of Aspen Spice.

Cbd Candy’s packaging is made with aspen flowers, as well as as the brand’s logo, which is a reference to the aspen-like nature of the candies.

In Australia, the product is sold under the name of a different brand, and the candy is sold as “Aspen Spice”, but the brand and logo are the same.ABC Marketplace Marketplace co-host Andrew Daley is here to explain how the brand is created and what the company has to say about it.ABC News: Is this a good way to get high?

Cbd Spice says it’s not “fungus” or “parasitic”, and the company is working with its Australian suppliers to develop the product.

However, the company does not recommend people use it recreationally.

It states: “It is not intended for recreational use, it is not for use in medical settings or to treat any medical condition.”

Cbd Beauty says it is “a very serious substance” that has a “dangerous side effect” and that it “should not be used by anyone under 18 years of age”.

The company also says it has no record of making or distributing the candy in Australia.CBD Beauty’s website says the candy contains “an herbal extract” that “provides a therapeutic effect in treating a wide variety of conditions and conditions associated with high levels of stress and anxiety”.

It is labelled as having “a powerful calming effect on your body” and says it “supports relaxation, balance, energy and mood”.

The site adds that the product can be “administered by your personal doctor” or by a “physician or pharmacist”.

Cbd is one of several manufacturers of Aspens Spice.

Aspen Valley said it was “extremely disappointed” that the company’s products were being advertised as cbd, but the company says it was not aware of the marketing of its products before ABC Marketplace reported the story.

“Aspen’s Candy is made using only natural ingredients and is not influenced by any synthetic compounds or additives,” the company said in a statement.

“Our products are certified organic, and are 100% vegan.

Aspen’s Spice has been the leading brand in Australian aspen growing industry for over 20 years and our products are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year.”

We are aware of a few recent claims of cbd being sold in the market, and our company has taken action to prevent any such marketing.”CBD Candy has also released a statement in response to the ABC’s Marketplace investigation, saying: “Cbd’s Spice is 100% natural and is made from aspen blossoms.

As a result, the products taste and smell are different, and can be more pronounced in the body.

“The packaging of Asparagus Spice contains the brand logo and the brand has no association with Aspen or Aspen Soup Company.”

Aspen Soup’s website also states that its product contains no artificial ingredients.

“There is no link between the products we sell and any product, brand or brand name associated with Aspins Spice,” the website states.

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