Posted September 12, 2018 08:16:00 The Australian Medical Association has warned that candy addiction is a serious health problem.

The AMA says more than three million people a year are prescribed medication for their addiction, which is “often linked to the use of the drug in a range of settings, including retail, entertainment and other activities”.

Candy addiction is an “epidemic”, AMA chairman Professor Peter White said.

“In Australia, we have an estimated one in six adults who have tried and used illicit drugs, and over two million Australians suffer from a substance use disorder, including alcohol dependence, which can lead to serious health problems and significant disability,” he said.

The AAP also said that more than 60 per cent of Australians who are currently using illicit drugs are dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Professor White said that while people with a substance-use disorder can benefit from treatment, many people do not have access to it.

“The Australian Medical Council believes that if people with substance use disorders are unable to access treatment and continue to use illicit drugs and alcohol, they are likely to develop an addiction to the substance,” he added.

“If you have a substance abuse disorder and you’re unable to get help, you should seek help from an alcohol or drug treatment professional.”

What is a substance addiction disorder?

An addiction to a substance is the belief that the use or consumption of the substance causes a psychological or physical problem.

It can also be seen as an inability to control or regulate use.

The most common substance-abuse disorder is alcohol dependence.

Other common conditions include anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder with obsessive-pilot symptoms, obsessive–compulsive personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Addiction can be treatable through treatment, or it can lead back to use.

How does addiction compare to other addictions?

It can be treated through medication, counselling or other forms of support, and is often the first step towards recovery.

Addiction is a disease that affects more people than the alcohol and tobacco addictions.

The majority of people who have a drug addiction are not dependent on alcohol or tobacco.

But, a significant proportion of people addicted to a range in illicit drugs use prescription drugs and prescription amphetamines.

Some people with addiction to cannabis also use prescription amphetamine.

The effects of addiction are varied and sometimes temporary.

Addiction to nicotine can lead people to stop using cigarettes and to reduce their consumption of other products.

In some cases, people with addictions can be found using prescription amp-hetamine to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Addiction treatment is available in some centres, but many people cannot access treatment because they are dependent.

Addiction treatments are also available at community clinics, which are free and can be used by people with an alcohol dependency, an anxiety disorder or a substance dependence.

Some of these centres are also staffed by alcohol and drug rehabilitation professionals.

What are the consequences of addiction?

Addiction is linked to other health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Addiction may be treated with medication, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, exercise, or by using a substance substitute such as alcohol or drugs.

It is also linked to serious physical, psychological or social consequences, including physical and mental health issues.

Treatment can include medication, counseling, psychotherapy or behavioural therapy.

There is no specific treatment for alcohol or illicit drugs.

The Australian Government’s new Drug Policy and Harm Reduction Strategy says that the health of Australians should be taken seriously.

“We recognise that drug abuse is an important part of the Australian community’s well-being, and we are committed to helping people recover from drug use and the associated harms,” it says.

“Drugs, including tobacco, are increasingly used to control people’s lives and contribute to a wider range of social problems, including addiction.”

For more information about the impact of drugs and addiction, visit or call 1300 674 988.

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