Chronic Candy is a brand of gummy candies that are infused with caffeine-infused candy, but it also sells candy that is infused with natural flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, and blueberry.

It’s a trend that has caught on in recent years, especially with gummy bears that are flavored with fruits like strawberry and blueberries.

But, it’s not just the gummy bear that has gotten the attention, the candy also gets the kudos from experts. 

“Candy companies have a very good track record of making sure their products are safe for kids and that consumers have the information they need to make educated choices,” Dr. Katherine S. Gorman, a pediatrician and clinical associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, told Quartz. 

Candy makers are “really well positioned” to ensure kids aren’t put in harm’s way, she added, adding that parents need to know what they’re putting in their mouths.

“Candy is a great vehicle to promote healthy eating habits, and they’ve been doing that well for the last few years,” she said. 

A lot of these products are marketed as a kid-friendly product, and that’s important because kids are less likely to be physically active or pick up harmful substances.

But it’s still important for parents to understand the risks of products like Chronic Candy, because if the product is unsafe for a child, that can be a very real danger. 

Sugar-free gummy confections like Chedden, which is marketed as “the healthiest sugar-free confection in the world,” aren’t as healthy as gummy-covered candy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The FDA also warned about gummy sweets being labeled as “healthy” because they don’t include ingredients that could harm a child’s health. 

Gummy candied fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberry are still safe for children, but a number of health concerns still exist, including the fact that they contain too much sugar and can be high in sodium. 

Some of the most popular gummy treats are candied cherries and peaches.

These are made with sweet cherries that have been soaked in sugar for days, allowing them to turn a bit brown and mushy.

And then the fruit is stuffed with a mixture of candied and unsweetened fruit, like fruit gummi, which are filled with sugar and water.

But not all gummy brands are safe.

Some products marketed as healthy are filled to the brim with sugar, which can cause stomach upset, constipation, and even seizures.

Some gummy products are labeled as a low-calorie, high-sugar product, which has been linked to a number health problems.

The FDA has been warning about the sugar content of gummies since 2008.

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