If you’re looking to buy candy at a Costco warehouse, you might be missing out on some great deals on candy from the retail giant.

This week, Costco announced a huge increase in its wholesale prices for candy.

The change in pricing comes after Costco announced it was selling its candy at full price, as well as a 30 percent discount for those who purchase in bulk.

Costco says the move is part of a $2 billion plan to reduce the amount of food and beverages it consumes.

In addition, Costco will offer a new online shopping experience that lets shoppers choose between the store and online options.

As we previously reported, the online shopping service will also allow shoppers to save up to 30 percent off of candy purchases, with the option to also choose between Costco’s grocery store and its online options and the grocery store’s bakery.

As far as the savings, Costco says this means the savings for those purchasing in bulk are more than 20 percent off compared to the current store price.

However, if you buy a full bag of candy in bulk, you’ll be paying $1.98 for each candy bar.

For example, you could buy 1.5 bags of candy for $1,065.80, but if you bought 3 bags of it for $2,074.50, you’d be paying a whopping $3,738.20.

In comparison, you can purchase one bag of gum and pay $0.87 for the bag, or one bar of chocolate for $0,092.20, according to Costco.

In order to maximize savings, you need to be careful about the types of candy you purchase.

You’ll need to look at all the ingredients and additives that go into the candy and make sure they’re free of additives that could cause harmful side effects, such as mold and fungus.

You can also consider whether your candy has been packaged in a way that is free of preservatives, such a by-product.

This is especially important when it comes to candy that’s stored in a cold environment.

If you purchase a bag of candies from Costco, you should also be aware that the company is also lowering its price on all its products in order to make sure you can’t find a deal on a candy you already have.

However if you’re already looking to spend some cash, you may be able to save on candy if you opt to save more by buying the bulk candy online.

You could save as much as 40 percent by purchasing all of the candy online, Costco said.

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