On Sunday, the two presidential hopefuls had dinner at a Trump-owned resort in New York’s Catskills, where they were seen exchanging gifts, and where the president spoke with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday.

But as the two countries continue to work toward a deal, the president said he was “very close” to getting the trade deal done and that “we are on the same page.” 

Trump has been talking about a trade deal for months.

He said during the presidential campaign that he would negotiate a “very good” deal for U.S. companies.

But during a speech to Congress last year, he said he wasn’t going to be able to get it done because of the “bad negotiating position” with China.

“We have to get this done,” Trump said.

“But we are close to it.

And I have said this before, this is something that I think will be good for the United States.

This is something we’re doing.””

I have a lot of respect for India, and I think it will be very good for us,” he added.

“I think the problem is, the U.K. is going to come in, and it will take us a long time to get over that.”

“It’s going to take a long period of time,” he said. 

Trump and his team have not said what the trade agreement might look like.

But in recent weeks, Trump has been telling the press that he wants to see “real numbers” and said that “I want a lot more” of the trade deficit eliminated. 

In a March interview with The New York Times, Trump said he wanted the U,S.

and China to “get along” on a trade pact, adding that he wanted to “have more friends than enemies.”

He said that he had not given up hope of a trade agreement but that he was ready to “change our position” and get things done. 

“I’m not going to get everything done, but I’m ready to get things accomplished,” Trump told the Times. 

At the same time, Trump told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that he wasn´t in a rush to get the deal done.

“Look, I’ve had enough pressure on me,” Trump insisted.

“It’s not even close.” 

The president has also been in touch with leaders of the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

The White House says Trump also plans to meet with leaders from Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the EU and South Korea on Tuesday.

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