The candy for the sweet tooth.

Photo: Supplied: Tanya BeddoeThe candies are a big hit in the local CBD, with some locals even going as far as to create their own.

“They are a little bit of a bit of an addiction because you just have to keep the cbd in,” says Tanya Bennell, who lives in the CBD.

“You have to go to a cafe or shop and buy cbd.

You just have the craving.””

They have these little bits of cbd that you can dip in chocolate and just have a treat.”

She says her family can be very picky about what they eat.

“My mum loves cbd because she has been to a lot of places and she likes cbd, so I am really picky and she is just very careful with what she eats.”

The only thing that I don’t like is when they come in and make the candy, because it tastes like it has been made by some really awful person.””

But it is all good and it tastes wonderful.

“She explains the cbdenation process, with baking and the caramelising process.”

Then you add the sugar and you pour in the cream and you let it set for a few hours,” she says.”

So you just put it into a bowl and put the lid on and it is ready to be baked.””

I don’t mind the taste because I think it is good.””

If it is sweet and has some flavour to it then I think that it is worth a try.

But if it tastes good I love it.”””

I am not a huge fan of hard candy,” says Ms Bennell.

“But if it tastes good I love it.”

“You can make it with whatever you like.”

Tanya Bennett.

Photo:”My mum enjoys cbd so much, we have our own recipe.

It is quite hard to make it in a regular recipe.””

We don’t use all the ingredients, so you just need to go out and buy some.”

Ms Bennell is one of the lucky ones who has been able to make a batch of her own hard candy.

“It is a bit different to a regular hard candy because it is not like a cookie, you have to make your own chocolate chip cookie,” she explains.

“We have a recipe and a little cupcake recipe that you just make it out of.”

“The recipe is very simple.

We have to take the sweet cream and add some of the sugar so it doesn’t go to waste.””

It tastes really good. “

And then the mixture is ready.”

“It tastes really good.

I love the caramel.”

She also has her own homemade version, with the same ingredient.

“You just take the cream, you add some vanilla extract, and then you just add it to the chocolate.”

“Then it has this flavour and that flavour is a little sweet, so it is just perfect.”

She is making it for her husband, who has just turned 30.

“I am just trying to get some time to enjoy myself.”

She has a small batch of the chocolate and it will take around three days to bake.

Topics:cbd,cbs,sydney-2000,melbourne-3000,vic,australiaMore stories from Victoria”

But we will see how it goes.”

Topics:cbd,cbs,sydney-2000,melbourne-3000,vic,australiaMore stories from Victoria

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