The best way to get your Reddit karma is to make it a priority.

Here’s how.


Make it a habit: You should be reading /r/all regularly to keep up to date on the latest Reddit discussions.


Get your daily dose of news: Make sure to keep an eye on /r /news and /r/, as well as /rnewslive and /news, for daily updates of breaking news.


Read more than the average user: There’s no denying that Reddit is a great place to get news and get relevant content for your Reddit posts.

However, the news articles you’re reading are usually written by /r members who have the ability to read your posts.

As a result, you may find it easier to understand what they’re saying than if you’ve read a few posts in /r and picked up their style.


Subscribe to Reddit: If you subscribe to Reddit, you’ll get an opportunity to vote for posts you enjoy.

When you’re done, your post will be voted up.

You can then follow your favorite Redditors posts for the most up-to-date news and posts.


Follow your favorite subreddits: To keep up-front with what’s happening on Reddit, make sure to subscribe to the most popular subreddits on Reddit.


Share your favorite content: If it’s something you’re passionate about and would like to share with your friends, make a post on /u/taylorsbreathe on Reddit or /r/.


Connect with your favorite subreddit: Reddit users tend to like to chat with each other, so make sure you follow /r for a great way to share your thoughts and insights.


Follow the latest news: There are tons of subreddits to keep your eye on, so if you’re new to Reddit or if you follow the latest content, make your posts relevant to the topic at hand.


Follow Reddiquette: Make a point of reading /u/_reddiquette, /r/_reddocode, and /u/​reddiquette for information on how to behave in certain subreddits.


Know your Reddit username: Make an effort to be respectful and considerate of others when interacting with them.

Reddit users will make efforts to make sure their username doesn’t appear in the same post as the title.


Don’t spam: It’s never a good idea to be overly-trolling in Reddit comments.

This can be frustrating to the people you want to get to know, and can make you feel a little more like a stranger on Reddit than someone who you’ve known for a long time.


Take the time to read the community guidelines: Reddit guidelines are a great resource to follow when it comes to keeping your Reddit account in order.

If you feel that you’ve learned anything, or have questions about the site, Reddit can be a great forum for you to ask your questions.

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