It’s no secret that sugar and chocolate have long been linked to chronic diseases.

But what about the way we treat them?

The 100th episode of the popular BBC2 soap opera The Crown will reveal for the first time how some of Britain’s top doctors believe it’s time to get on the sugar train again.

From the start, it has been clear that the show has been designed to highlight the many ways in which sugar has contributed to the problems faced by the nation.

As the BBC says, The Crown is “a series of episodes examining how we treat our health, our wealth, our food, and our communities.

It’s not just about the people we love.

It is also about the challenges we face.”

The show follows the doctors as they examine their own habits, as well as the effects sugar has on the bodies of people with diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

The show’s theme, Sugar, has been described by one commentator as “the new addiction” by others.

And it’s been branded a “national scandal” by Health Secretary Andy Burnham, who says it “opens up the way in which the government thinks about sugar”.

The latest episode of The Crown explores the idea that the sugar industry is profiting from the health of its consumers.

“We have to recognise that we are all a part of the problem,” says Dr Alan Walker, a professor of nutritional medicine at Imperial College London.

“I think that the government’s reaction to the problem of obesity has been to say that there’s nothing we can do about it.

We are all part of it, and the solution is to get a little bit more involved in the process. “

It’s quite simply not true.

What does sugar do to the body? “

That’s why we need to recognise the role that sugar plays in obesity and the impact it has on people’s health.”

What does sugar do to the body?

The main chemical in sugar is sucrose.

It can be broken down into glucose and fructose, the two most important sugars in the diet.

The sugars in a cup of sugar are broken down by the liver, and then the glucose is broken down and stored in the cells.

As a result, a person’s body is more insulin sensitive than normal.

But the sugar in a cookie or a piece of chocolate can make a person very hungry.

When sugar is consumed, insulin levels rise and the body can’t use its stored insulin.

The body has to use fat as a source of energy, and it does so by burning fatty acids.

Fat is stored in fat cells.

And when the body is eating fatty acids, the fat cells are broken up, making the cells less efficient at producing insulin.

This means that a person who has a lot of sugar in their diet may have a high fat storage rate and a higher insulin response.

“The sugar in your diet is not going to make you fat,” says Prof Walker.

“And so if you have high insulin resistance you’ll get diabetes. “

So it’s very important that we recognise that this is a big part of obesity and it’s a big reason why it’s going to get worse.” “

And so if you have high insulin resistance you’ll get diabetes.

So it’s very important that we recognise that this is a big part of obesity and it’s a big reason why it’s going to get worse.”

But what does the show find in terms of how sugar is affecting people’s wellbeing?

“There’s a lot to take away from the programme, I think,” says Walker.

The first episode of this year’s show looks at the sugar tax in the UK, which was introduced by the government in 2010.

It was designed to cut sugar consumption and has been criticised by campaigners.

But it has also had a profound impact on sugar consumption.

For example, the programme shows that people who ate sweets in the summer, including those who drank milk or fruit drinks, experienced higher levels of sugar consumption than those who ate chocolate or tea.

The programme also examines the sugar campaign, which has been heavily criticised by health campaigners.

It looks at how sugar companies have responded to the campaign.

“In a nutshell,” says Professor Walker, “they’ve been trying to blame the media, but it’s really about the fact that it’s about money, about what they can charge people, about the cost of advertising.”

So the programme argues that the campaign has been an effective way of encouraging people to be healthier, and has made it easier for sugar companies to make money.

“There is a bit of a pattern,” says the programme’s writer, Professor Fiona Wilcox.

“On one hand, we’re told that it can’t be blamed on the media.

But on the other hand, it’s being promoted as something that’s about health, and that the people who are being encouraged to

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