NEW YORK — The candy can for the holiday season is no longer a secret.

The candy can is everywhere, but the can is still the most important item for the people who use it to make the most of the candy.

It’s the one item that will be around forever.

For people who have been using it to store the can for years, the can still looks like a novelty can.

For many of them, that means the can has gone through several generations.

A family member who lives in Brooklyn said that in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the candy can was made, the candy itself was plastic and could be cut or peeled.

Now, a candy maker simply uses a knife and picks out a piece of plastic that is then cut out with a plastic cutter.

The can can is also made of stainless steel.

It is also more durable than plastic, which is what makes it easier to transport and dispose of.

It has a plastic handle, which the can holder must bend or twist to remove.

The candies makers have been trying to make a more durable candy can.

One of them tried to replace the plastic with metal.

The result is a plastic can that is less durable and less likely to be torn apart.

The makers of the can also are making the can a lighter weight.

But the candy maker is trying to get the weight down.

To get the can down to its current weight, the makers are trying to use recycled plastic from restaurants and stores.

This plastic is about three times as strong as the plastic that people used to buy the candy with.

They say that this plastic can is much easier to clean and is much lighter than other plastic that used to be used in candy can manufacturing.

Another part of the manufacturing process is a process called molding.

This involves melting and molding the plastic into a form that the candy manufacturer can then use to make other types of candy.

Molding of plastic is used in other areas of the food industry, including packaging.

This process can be costly and takes a lot of time.

But for candy makers, the process of molding a candy cannot be easily automated.

And so the candy makers have had to rely on their workers to make it happen.

The family of the candies maker said that when they were making the candy for the first time, they were so excited that they were going to have a party and everyone was going to be getting candy and they would all be happy.

But it wasn’t until several years later that they realized how hard it would be to make something for that party.

The workers used to make candy at home.

Now the candy is made in a factory in New York.

The candy is processed at the factory and then sold in stores.

The factory makes about 3 million tons of candy a year.

The assembly line of the factory is about 60 feet long.

It’s lined with rows of conveyor belts.

The conveyor belt carries candy to the can holders and the candy to a dispenser.

The food is mixed in with other ingredients to make up the candy that is sold.

There are four types of candies that are sold in the can store.

There is the standard candy, which has sugar, sugar, flour, baking soda and cinnamon, and the “candy with vanilla” candy, with sugar, milk and cinnamon.

The other candy is a mixture of two types of different ingredients.

The first candy has sugar and flour and the second candy has vanilla.

Each candy can has about four candy can holders.

Each candy can holder is about four feet long, and they are about 15 inches apart.

The can holders are lined with plastic sheets that can be folded and placed inside the candy cans.

The people at the candy company that make the candy say that the process to make these candies took about 10 years.

They say that for about 10 percent of the time, the workers do not have to work.

The workers take care of their families, the kids, and their pets and have lots of free time to go out and enjoy themselves.

But the candy workers are the ones that are really the ones making the most money.

They earn about $2,000 a year on the candy sales.

They have been making candy since the 1950s.

They said that it has been the main source of income for the family since they started the business.

When the candy factory was first started, it made about 400 candy cans a year for the candy store owners.

Today, the factory makes 600 candy cans every year.

Some people at restaurants have complained that they can’t find the candy they want because it’s too hard to find the candys.

The Candy Manufacturers Association of America says that it is very hard to locate candies.

In fact, it has done research and found that many candy stores have no way of knowing where the candy has been made.

The company says that most stores

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