All of the top candy brands will have their own unique names, according to the Candy Brands Database, which lists names, products, and other data from a wide range of companies.

There are over a dozen brands in the database, with names ranging from the humble to the extravagant.

Here’s a look at some of the best candy brands for your candy addiction.CBD candy companies also use names that make it easy to tell which ones are actually candy and which are just flavoring.

Some brands use names like Kombucha, Baked Beans, Candy, and Sugar.

There’s a whole bunch of other names like Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tooth, and Honey Boo Boo, too.

Candy Brand Brand Name Price Candy Brand Name Name Price Candy Brands Database 2017: Crazy Horse P.O. Box 2120 South St.

Louis,MO 63601-1230 Craziest Horse Candy Company Cranberry Hills, MO 63015-1401 Cream Candy Company of Minnesota Toledo, MO 63701-0127 Cotton Candy Company – USA, Inc. 722 East State St.

Columbus, MO 65203-6161 Dirty Candy Company (Candyland) 819 W. Central St.

Kansas City, MO 64103-5123 Dynamite Candy Company, Inc.(DLC) 1515 South Main St.

Dallas, TX 75201-9109 Eagle Candy Company(Eagle) 2650 S. State St., Suite 250New York, NY 10010-2655 Egg Cane Company(Candy) 631 West 2nd St.

New York City, NY 10003-2621 Eldritch Candy Company (Crazy) 912 W. State Street, Suite 800Las Vegas, NV 89109-1042 Elytra Candy Company-USA 845 East Market St.

Suite 200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89111-1040 Emma’s Candy Company  (Cranes) 3201 N. Main St., #100Cranesville, VA 23401-8606 Flower Candy Company   (Cotton) 1811 E. Main Street, Ste 100Broomfield, CO 80401-2530 Honey Boo Boo Company (Sweet Tooth) 2730 S. Main Ave, Suite 201Las Vegas,, NV 89104-2834 Hot Spicy Candy Company     (Spicy) 1701 W. MainSt.

Charleston, SC 29401-9555 Kombucha Company (Kombuchas) 1320 E. 2nd Street, St. Louis, MO 65049-1210 Lemon Candy Company                                               (Lemon)  (Lime)                          (lime)                                                      (lime)        (lime)(lime)                                                                           (limes)                                    (lames)                                           Lemon Sugar Company(Lemons) 1119 W 3rd St., Ste 200New York State, NY10012-9014 Mountain Candy Company                                  (Mountain)                    (MOUNTAIN)                (mountain)                   (mountaineer)                 (mountie)                  (mountee)                                                               Mountain Sugar Company       (Mt. Pleasant)                 (Mountain Mountain)                                       National Sugar Company                           (Sugar)                        (sugar)                  (sugarcane)                 (suckers)                                                         Nutrition Candy Company             1050 W. 2 Street, New York, New NY 10023-8111 Pumpkin Candy Company

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