CBA candies and candy bars have become the new treatment options for people who suffer from an allergy to the depressant drug benzodiazepines, according to the makers of hard candies.

The makers of the “CBD Candy” brand of candy bars say that even the 50 mg diazepamex compound in a candy can has been shown to be safe to use.

But for people with severe allergies, they say it’s important to stay away from the pills because it can cause a hang over.

Hard candy with diazepamate is made with an extract of the herb cedar bark and is sold at many stores and specialty stores in the United States.

Candies are also sold at the specialty stores of Costco and Wal-Mart.

The company, which also makes other hard candys, says that the product is safe to handle for a variety of people.

“Candy is the best drug we can give people,” said Scott R. Pate, CBA president.

“We do know that diazepamine can cause mild euphoria, but it can also cause anxiety, paranoia, paranoia and panic.

So it’s not always safe.””

There are no serious side effects from this drug,” he said.

The manufacturer says that hard candying is a safe way for people to enjoy the experience of a relaxing and soothing experience.

“This is not an alternative to taking medication,” he wrote in a statement.

“The candies contain no diazepamines and the ingredients are 100 percent natural.

All ingredients are tested for allergens.”

The brand also says that people can take the candies to ease symptoms of a hangovers.

“There are several different types of hard candy for people in a variety for different symptoms,” the company wrote.

“We are currently working with the FDA to ensure that this product is not marketed as a remedy for the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders,” Pate wrote.

“In the meantime, we recommend that people who have allergies to benzodiazapines or other CNS depressants and have symptoms of depression or other mental health issues avoid these candies.”

The company added that they will provide more information about the products in the future.CBA candys and candies with cbd hard candy have been available in grocery stores since 1999.

The brand has been selling its candies at Costco and other specialty stores for several years.

The American Beverage Association is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to investigate CBA’s claims.

The association says the products do not meet the most stringent requirements for medical use.

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