NEW YORK — The candy aisle at a candy store in Sydney, Australia.

The store’s owner said he sells more than a million candies each day.

The candy aisle is one of the most crowded in the city.

And if you can’t find it, he said he has to call the police.

It’s one of many challenges facing the city’s burgeoning cbd industry.

CBD products are a new form of candy made by fermenting marijuana oil into a liquid that can be stored in a liquid form or vaporized.

In many states, medical marijuana is legal for adults to use to treat severe, chronic illnesses.

Many medical marijuana dispensaries are located in the CBD, where CBD products are sold.

There are about 300 CBD shops in the world.

But as CBD businesses proliferate, so too do challenges to existing regulations.

Australia is the first country in the developed world to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Some jurisdictions, including the U.S., have banned the use of CBD products.

Other countries have imposed strict regulations on the product.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in Washington, D.C. and Alaska.

Under current laws, CBD products can’t be sold at any retail outlets.

Currently, the CBD products sold by CBD candies in Australia are only available to medical patients and their caregivers, such as parents or guardians.

ABC News reported in March that a company called CBD Candies, based in Sydney’s CBD, had raised $2 million in funding in a public offering, with the aim of developing a nationwide network of CBD candymakers.

Last year, the company was valued at about $3 million.

An ABC News analysis found that some of the largest U.K. CBD candylists have raised money from overseas investors, including some from the Netherlands and Switzerland.

They have also attracted investment from private equity firms and venture capitalists.

Since the U, U.N. report, the number of Australian CBD candy makers has grown from two to 12.

This year, Australian CBD candy makers have raised about $1 million in private equity funding, according to a Reuters news report.

That compares to about $500,000 last year.

“The CBD industry is not just a niche in Australia, but it’s a huge opportunity for the country and it’s going to continue to grow,” said Sydney CBD Candy Co-Owner, Chris Smith.

Smith said CBD candying is growing quickly, with about a third of the CBD candied products being sold in Sydney alone.

He said there’s an influx of people wanting to get into the industry and CBD candys are becoming more popular as a way to get the product on store shelves.

His company has been in the business since 2003.

Its stock has risen by about 70 percent this year.

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