Australia’s Halloween celebration could be a $20 billion success, according to a report by gambling website

The online gambling company estimates that Australia’s annual Halloween event in the country is worth up to $20bn, up from $18.5bn in 2013.

The site estimates that the total prize pool at the event will be around $2.6bn, a rise of over 12% from last year’s event.

While the company is not yet clear on the exact figure, it’s likely to be in the billions, given that Australia already has the highest amount of online gambling sites in the world.

Australia’s biggest casino operator, Wynn Resorts, has already said it is looking to take on the role of co-hosting the event, while another Australian casino, Crown Casino, is also planning to hold a live streaming event.

In the first few years of the event being held, the event was billed as Australia’s biggest in history, and was the world’s largest online gambling event.

But that has now fallen to just the second-biggest, after the world-record $6.5 billion held by the Super Bowl in 2012.

It’s also been criticised for not holding the event in Sydney, despite a large population of people in the city.

It was also criticised for taking too long to announce the date of the next event, and failing to provide details of the venues or the time slot of the live stream.

The casino operator said that as part of the decision to hold the event it would work with local media outlets to provide information on what venues would be hosting the event.

“We will continue to work with our media partners to ensure the media is given the opportunity to attend our event and share the event with their communities,” Wynn said in a statement.

“As a result, we will continue working with local news outlets to share details of venues and times for the event.”

While the live streaming service has also not announced the date or venue, Wyns website said it would be live streamed from the venue.

The company said it will also work with other community groups and community-led organisations to provide the information for the public.

“The community will be able to see the live event, which is expected to be held from October 30 to November 2, 2018,” it said.

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