From the pilot of a Cessna 182 plane to the copilot of a Boeing 767, candy is a big part of airline business.

But for all the fun, the candy canister can actually have some serious consequences for the people who take them onboard.

And the way they get there can have a huge impact on the health and safety of those who have to eat it. 

When a plane takes off from a small airport, it is sometimes the most crowded place in the sky.

This is because the airport itself has a large number of seats, and as passengers fly by on the runway, the plane can become very crowded. 

The planes take off with large cans of candy floating in their hold.

And even when passengers get to the gate, the canisters can be a real nuisance, since they can clog up the gate. 

For this reason, the airlines often have a plan in place for passengers to take candy on their plane.

And while it is not always possible, some airlines do have vending machines at the gate for passengers who wish to bring their own canisters. 

But when a plane is flying low over an airport, some of the canister vending machines are not quite ready to serve customers. 

In these cases, the airline is forced to make the vending machines do what they were designed for.

They can serve up to 100 candy canes per seat.

But some airlines are not willing to sell their vending machines to airlines who want to buy them.

The airlines are therefore forced to charge an extra fee to the airlines for each candy can they allow onto the plane. 

While airlines may be able to use the extra fees to get more seats on their planes, it can be costly for the airlines.

Airlines can pay an additional $1,000 per seat, or up to $10,000 in extra fees for every candy can allowed on the plane, depending on the airport. 

What are the consequences of candy can poisoning?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, candy can poisonings are usually caused by a virus or bacterial infection, but can also result from other factors, such as poor sanitation practices, a lack of proper air conditioning and/or poor ventilation. 

People can become infected by ingesting a can of candy contaminated with viruses or bacteria that have been exposed to air pollution, or they can become ill from exposure to air that has contaminated the food, water or any other items on the airplane. 

Aerials are often designed with some kind of filter on the can to prevent the air from contaminating candy can samples, but this can only be used if the air filter is installed correctly and does not cover the candy or other items. 

Candy can poisoning is a rare, but deadly, disease. 

As far as the airlines are concerned, they have a choice: they can sell vending machines that serve up 100 candy cans per seat to the airline for $1.00 each or they may be forced to offer them to the carriers for free. 

If the airlines choose to sell vending equipment, they can charge a $100 per seat fee for each can of the vending machine, or a $2.50 per seat charge if they are sold at an airport.

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